Suitable for Blaser R8 rifle

ACSR80 is a carbon fibre stock suitable for Blaser’s bolt action rifle R8 — right hand version, there is also a version suitable for the left handed users.

ACSR80 is a light and versatile classic design stock made from carbon fibre. ACSR80 offers superior stiffness and stock rigidity that prevents excessive stock deformation during the shot. ACSR80 is a stock best suited for alpine and driven hunts, where lower weight is preferable yet precision is important.

Weight — 994 grams with the system.

The ACSR80 stock comes with the system. It is a drop in upgrade stock, this means that you would require the following parts to complete the rifle: barrel, bolt with bolt head and magazine (Professional magazine version fit the ACSR80).

AKILA proprietary two stage sear block allows you to adjust the trigger’s pull-weight in the range of 400—1200 grams.

Alternative stock features:

  • QD sling swivel set: QD cups on the side of the stock and QD sling swivels (6mm, Halder Push-and-Go, for 23 mm rifle slings)
  • Spartan Precision magnetic adapter for bipods/tripods.
  • Harris stud for Harris bipods or short picatinny rail.
  • Length and Height adjustments of recoil pad

The system part of ACSR80 is machined out of 7075 T6 aluminium billet and has a black hard coat anodized finish. The exterior of the stock is optionally made of conventional composite carbon or with Camo texture.

Tech specs
Weight 994—1344 g (1.99—2.69 lb)
Cheek piece height adjustment 30 mm
Recoil pad height adjustment ± 24 mm
Suitable rifle models Blaser’s R8 rifle

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Bipod attachments
Harris stub/Picatinny rail

Harris stud for Harris bipods or 3 slot Picatinny rail.

Bipod attachments
Spartan adapter

Compatible with Javelin Bipods, Davros, Sentinel and Ascent tripods

CNC machined from 7075-T7351 aluminium billet with a hard-anodised black finish

Enables use of Javelin Bipod in fixed target and traversable hunting modes


Camo texture


Standard texture

Recoil pad adjustment

Recoil pad height adjustment was designed specially for carbon stocks ACSR80, ACSR82 and ACST30.

Length (vertical) adjustments of +25/-25 mm; +1″/-1″. Pitch: 5 mm; .2″.

Weight: 130 g; 4.6 oz.

Recoil pad adjustment
Length and Height

Recoil pad height and length adjustment was designed specially for carbon stocks ACSR80 and ACST30.

Length (horizontal) adjustments of 0 / +30mm; 0/+1.2″;

Height (vertical) adjustments of +25/-25 mm; +1″/-1″;

Pitch: 5 mm; .2″;

Weight: 300 g; 10.6 oz.

Sling swivels
Normal sling swivels

Suitable for mounting traditional sling swivels.

Sling swivels
QD Sling swivels set

The QD sling swivel sling swivel makes the task of removing the rifle sling quick and easy. This exceptional ease is made possible by the tried-and-tested ball lock pin technology: The bottom end of the bolt on the sling swivel is fitted with automatically locking balls. Releasing the lock merely requires a press of the push button on the pin. This makes it possible to insert and remove the sling swivel as many times as needed while the hunt is on — without any rattle or noise whatsoever. The necessary locating bushings are fitted into the gun stock. The 6 mm QD sling swivel made by Halder Push-and-Go, for 23 mm rifle slings.

Left Hand chassis